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Inczédy & Inczédy Kft.
Dr. Inczédy János Technical Office was founded in 1995 to provide distributing services of West-European and North-American companies in Hungary and in surrounding countries. We are focusing on companies producing high-tech products, assemblies, components, parts and instruments,

who are interested distributing its products in the market of developing Hungary and its neighbour countries. The represented firms have been and still change from time to time, but basically it can be sad that they are working for plastic, paper, print industry and packaging.

Today Dr. Inczédy János Technical Office is primarily managing these three areas, but also looking for broadening its activities.
Office: H-2600 Vác
Katona Lajos utca 1/b.
Tel: +36 27 504 605
Fax: +36 27 504 606
E-mail: vac(a)inczedy.com