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distributed companies
Kobold Messring GmbH.
KOBOLD Messring GmbH, one of the leading international instrumentation engineering enterprises, was founded in 1980 by Dipl.-Ing. Klaus J. Kobold. His excellent engineering knowledge led to the enterprise soon establishing itself in the market place due its patentable technology, high quality products and superior service. The "KOBOLD" brand name soon became synonymous with quality and technological advance. In the following years, independent KOBOLD companies were established in numerous countries worldwide. The company's purpose is to develop, manufacture and sell instruments for monitoring, measuring and regulating the physical quantities of flow through, pressure, level and temperature. The devices are used in virtually all sectors of industry. The variety of measurement methods available, and the rapid adaptation to technical advances, are what ensure that the high application-specific requirements set in the various branches of industry are met in full. The strong growth of the company is based on the ongoing widening of the range offered and is due to the acceptance of the company and its products in the world market place.
Flometers and ~switches
Low Volume Flowmeter and -switches - click here to surf the catalogue

Variable Area Flowmeter and -switches - click here to surf the catalogue

Paddle Type Flowmeter and -switches - click here to surf the catalogue

Rotating Vane Flowmeter and -switches - click here to surf the catalogue

Flow Measurement without Moving Parts - click here to surf the catalogue

Flow indicators - click here to surf the catalogue
Level measuring and monitoring
Szintkapcsolók (német) (angol)

Szintmérők (német) (angol)
Pressure gauges, sensors and switches
Pressure gauges (angol)

Pressure sensors (angol)

Pressure switches (angol)
Hőmérsékletkapcsolók, hőmérsékletmérők
Hőmérséklet kapcsolók (német) (angol)

Hőmérsékletmérők (német) (angol)
Élelmiszeripari alkalmazások
Mérő- és felügyelőkészülékek (német) (angol)
pH-érték, redox-potenciál, vezetőképesség mérők (német) (angol)

Nedvességtartalom mérők (német) (angol)

Szennyezettség mérők (német) (angol)
Tartozékok, kiegészítők
Armatúrák (német) (angol)

Vezérlőkészülékek, relék (német)(angol)

Fordulatszámmérők (német) (angol)

Időmérők (német) (angol)